• We order tubes direct from the manufacturer to ensure we get high quality tubes at the best prices.
  • We have changed the format for selling tubes to simplify shipping. Tubes are now sold in sets that will completely fill a shipping box or tube to minimize damage. Shipping charges are included for all tube sets. Smaller tubes can be added to each set on the detail page.
  • These are tight-seam tubes with a white glassine finish. They even look great unpainted.

Click for details and to add smaller tubes.
Retail Price
Set 1, Nine BT-55 Tubes, 34" Long $18.00

Set 2, Three BT-55 Tubes, 34" Long $8.50

BT20 GREEN Tube, 34" Long $1.00

BT50, 34" Long $1.50

Tube Shipping Fee - only one charge per order $2.00
1/8" Launch Lug, 1.5" Long $0.05